We have almost 8 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Judah Lion Services is owned and operated by the Robledo family in South Florida. They decided to embark on the journey of the cleaning industry. Together, they understood that there was a lot to be done to cater to residential and commercial cleaning needs of their clients. They noticed that they were efficient with time, but also left everything spotless when they cleaned. As a Christian couple, they know that everything they do, they do it together and for God. Judah Lion Services was formed from the belief of bringing the best possible service to South Florida. Although there are many cleaning services out there, we strive to focus on what is most important to our clients. That is giving them time back with their loved ones and allowing us to take care of the cleaning. We strive every day not only to bring cleanliness and freshness to homes and businesses, but also to bring peace and tranquility. At Judah Lion Services, our goal is to make as many families and businesses as possible happy and stress-free through our cleaning services.